Physicians & Administrators

Are you looking to increase your physician's productivity and job satisfaction, documentation compliance and create a better environment for your patients? EPPA's scribe program is dedicated to making a difference in emergency departments, hospitals and clinics across Minnesota. We would love to discuss how scribes could benefit your practice.   Contact us today.

EHR Expertise

The program medical director, Dr. Bryant has extensive experience in EHR development and implementation. An active member of the Epic build team since 2005, Dr. Bryant has created multiple efficiency tools within Epic and has worked closely with multiple EHRs.


Our implementation team includes our physician director, program coordinator and implementation specialists to manage the start-up of your scribe program from the beginning, providing more than 20 years of combined experience.

Program Growth

Since our inception in 2005, our program has grown from just 10 scribes to over 300.  Our team has expanded from just one hospital emergency department to close to 20 hospitals and clinics, including our EPPA-owned and operated Urgency Rooms.  There's no stopping the growth of this amazing program!

Interested In Learning More?

 Contact us to discuss the possibility of a scribe program at your hospital or clinic. 

We look forward to working with you!